Sunday, December 20, 2015

a new day

2016 is literally around the corner, leaving me with 18 months to retirement. Its with a mixture of trepidation, expectation and hope that I turn the page. Work is work and at least now I can feel the countdown had begun to finally finishing. Odd really that you spend 20+ years working on a career only to be glad that its over. But over it is. I'm tired of it and whatever pleasure I had in it has dissipated and faded away. I've reached the dissy heights of being the Chief Medical Officer for a large VA clinic. I'll reserve my opinions on the VA until I'm no longer a civil servant, suffice to say that its a moving target more in more ways than one.

The exciting news is that I'm pairing up my V-Strom with a sidecar . What ? Yes I know a slightly bizarre thing to do. Well I've been keen to travel the country by Motorcycle for some time, or by Camper Van. Now the Camper van is still an option however the idea of getting a sidecar for , yes you have guessed it  , Murphy (facebook : MurphySmurphy) to ride in, has taken hold. I think it will be a hoot.

So I hope it will be delivered in time for my January Vacation.

By Jan 31st I have to deliver the definitive draft of my updated Chapter in 'Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Fight , 2nd Ed ' .

I have several co-authors , who I hope will be able to contribute to this editions Chapter. The subject is Medical Evacuation from Space, something that I have worked on foe many years , although much less so than when I was a NASA. My Space Medicine swansong - a nice way to end.

My Sabre 34 SV Bora Da is coming along well ( Facebook SVBORADA) with most of the modifications I wanted to do complete.

 I post a Video soon. Its turning into quite the cruising boat and is ready , albeit a little prematurely , for de islands and places distant. I may never sail around the world but I think however far I get it will be an adventure.

 Life is short !! Grab it while you can.

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